How I work

Hypnosis is a natural state of inner focus and attention enabling the individual to tune out the external world.

It has the effect of reprogramming the mind to change your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

During hypnosis the client will be in full control and will never lose awareness of the session.

I do not put labels on my clients. Each individual is unique and stages may vary since they are tailored to personal needs.

Typical steps in my approach


Getting to know and understand the client’s background, discussion on hypnosis, its application and answering any questions. Assessment of feelings, perceptions and expectations.


Evaluation of the readiness to change and agreeing the goals.


Further discussion and investigation into the predominant underlying emotions.


Putting the client into hypnosis. Exploration of any fixed ideas and relevant past events. Age regression where relevant.


While still under hypnosis, adding internal resources to change perceptions, emotional responses and behaviours to attain the agreed goals.


Taking client out of hypnosis and reinforcing the programming for the future.

Personal Plan

Agreement of client’s personal future development plan and self- hypnosis timetable.

My background